Lining & Urethane Sheeting

Lining & Urethane sheeting
Lining & Urethane sheeting

Lining and Urethane Sheeting

Armadillo Rubber Backed Sheeting

Hi-performance flexible wear liners are available in various thicknesses, with a 3 mm rubber backing. By using a conventional rubber bonding system, it is easy to install by plant maintenance personnel or contractors. The sheeting is flexible, allowing it to follow contours or be shaped in steel chutes, launders and bins. It is ideally suited to -2 mm wet particle abrasion.

Armadillo Hardback Sheeting

UMP urethane sheets mitigate the forces of impact and abrasive wear in mineral transfer and handling operations. The sheets are lightweight for easy installation, without the need for special lifting or heavy equipment.

This is a high-performance tough liner comprising a wear layer split into three colours: The top is yellow; the red is a warning wear indicator for maintenance personnel; and the blue is the hard backing.

Armadillo sheeting- Impact Bars and Pads for conveyor transfer points reduce wear and tear on conveyors and chutes thereby minimising downtime.